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We have been longest time in this field, RAJKOT DIES AND FIXTURES PVT. LTD. have successfully set ourselves apart following a clear strategy and displaying unequaled performance in design and development of a wide range of Dies, Jigs, Fixtures, Moulds and precision manufacturers.

At RAJKOT DIES AND FIXTURES PVT. LTD., we are a professionally managed group of experts driven by innovation in technology, encouraging growth and being agile to new opportunities. We believe that, to stand out from the competition, we require to continually improving our products and services. Quality, for us, is something which changes with the changing requirements and expectations of our customers. We believe in timely delivery with optimum price and best quality. Therefore, we always emphasize upon keeping our technologies upgraded, manufacture the best
products in the industry, and thus achieve the highest level of quality standards.Customers rely on us because of our quality driven attitudes and our ability to offer advanced and feature rich products at affordable price.

Mission & Vision

We, at RAJKOT DIES AND FIXTURES PVT. LTD. believe that the establishment of an effective quality and environmental management system will help our company to achieve its vision of becoming a highly respected manufacturer company.

The company is strongly determined to lead in this industry by providing satisfaction to our customers and complying with all applicable environmental laws and other requirements that we subscribe to.

We will achieve this by:

  • Addressing the needs and expectations of our customers in a timely manner.
  • Continually improving our processes and manpower through innovation and training.
  • Continually raising quality and environmental awareness within the Company and our customers& suppliers as well.
  • Developing sound practices for effective waste management and proper consumption of electricity.

It is imperative that all personnel understand this policy and that all relevant objectives / targets formulated are for the continual improvement of the quality and environmental management system.

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